About Saket

Year 1983 saw the dawn of a new era in Pune’s advertising arena. We ventured into advertising with our flagship entity - Saket Communications Pvt. Ltd. The aim was to provide unique advertising solutions in electronic and print media. After 3 decades of evolving experience and continuous improvement, this INS accredited agency headquartered in Pune has delivered numerous benchmark solutions.

In 2003, Team Saket ventured into event management. Some of the biggest events in Pune have Saket’s stamp on it. Over the years, Team Saket has also ventured successfully into celebrity endorsement and management, a first- of-its kind in Pune. Our newest expertise includes audio-video production and digital media management.

Not resting on its laurels,
the process of moving forward continues...


Saket Communications has a fine blend of experienced and young professionals who are passionate towards advertising and communications. The team is lead by Managing Director, Mr. Soumendu Kuber under the guiding mentorship of the Chairman, Mr. Vineet Kuber, Saket Communications.

A full-fledge team of creative professionals, brand managers, media managers, digital media experts and production executives works together to deliver innovative and complete solutions in its endeavour to move forward.


While being recognized and appreciated as a leading advertising agency is the aim at Saket, its objective is outlined with the basic thought of delivering effective and engaging creative solutions to create successful brand positions for the clients across sectors and industries; and yes, all this while we move forward in the right direction


Life is a set of questions we answer. Questions make way for to gain deeper insights and develop innovative solutions. The new logo is a set of strong fonts and an arrow facing right. It depicts positive outlook on life, love, power, flight, swiftness and direction. It symbolizes the way we treat our clients, vendors, employees and everyone associated with our line of business.

The new brand identity re-positions SAKET and CONFLUENCE as a team that believes in MOVING FORWARD IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. At the heart of the new positioning is the question that we as a team bring to table everyday - WHAT NEXT?


  • Design Solutions
  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media
  • OOH Advertising
  • Innovative marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Events and Musical Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Media Buying and Release



About Confluence

An offshoot of Saket; Confluence Brand Solutions is a union of creative minds, digital marketers & brand strategists. Here, creativity meets strategy and delivers path-breaking. Using diverse mediums to produce the desired result, Confluence is all about getting stellar results in the long run!

We’re obsessed with communication, and the new age of digital innovation. From new age social media to thought-provoking video productions, we deliver digital solutions that turn heads. We stir the communication and churn them into impactful ideas. Led by Director, Mrs. Poorva Kuber, we constantly strive to explore new avenues and ways of doing things to HELP YOU STAND OUT! We bring uniqueness to the table.

All of this, on a digital scale!


  • Celebrity Endorsement and Management
  • Brand Strategies
  • Audio-Video Production
  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
  • Google Adwords, Ads, Display Networks
  • Website Designing and Development
  • Digital Designs
  • Email and Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing